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Compact Disc Player

Its smart and minimalist look and its high level of construction quality permit the VELA Compact Disc Player to do well in any system where it is located


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Power supply: a toroidal transformer is used with secondary stages dedicated to each part: one to the analog/DAC section power supply and the others to the digital power supply. The analog power supply has been realized using all strategies to reduce any interference and kill even the smallest of noise from all of its components. Regulation stages have been placed in every sensible circuit point and the bypass capacitors have been chosen not only for their electric performance but also after long and careful listening sessions.
CD Mechanism: The CD Mechanism is the CD-5010B specifically designed by TEAC for audio applications. The CD-5010B has been developed from a CD Rom Mechanism reducing the  rotation speed to avoid mechanical vibrations. Also the reading process has been improved especially reducing the output jitter. 
DA section: All our experience and technology here has been fully taken advantage of. We have especially focused on the power supply bypassing, the decoupling of the DAC outputs and we have worked on the layout for a perfect separation between analog and digital circuits with particular attention paid to the ground return path. To connect the Cd mechanism audio digital output to the board a OCC 7N cryo  copper AIRTECH cable has been used.
Output Stage: In this product VELA has focused a lot on the output stage and a new approach to the design has been developed. We have realized a fourth order active output filter that, together with the one pole filter inside the DAC, forms a fifth order output one. Such a high order (usually found only in really very expensive products!) has permitted us to increase the cut off frequency of the output filter with very good results on the audio performance of the unit expecially for the increased precision of the listening stage. 




Dimensions (Nota1 ) 

3,2 x 17 x 11 " 


12,13 Lbs 

THD @ 1KHz 0dBFs (Nota2) 

<0,003 % 

THD @ 1KHz -10dBFs (Nota2) 

<0,005 % 

Dynamic Range (Nota2) 

97 dB 

Noise Level (Nota2) 

-120 dBV 

Ouput Level (Nota3) 

Digital Output


CD Mechanism 



Nota 1   - Height x Width x Depth (H x W x D)
Nota 2   - Band limits 0Hz-22KHz
Nota 3   - Maximum rms voltage output value



Owner's Manual

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