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VELA is a purely Italian brand. MADE IN ITALY means skill, passion and research. VELA guarantees the reliability and performance of its products as well as that something extra that gives the end result a touch of magic. This is a quality that only the love of he who conceives and carries out the project, can bring. Vela Electronics are designed by AUDIO ANALOGUE and powered with AIRTECH technology

Compact Disc Player

Its smart and minimalist look and its high level of construction quality permit the VELA Compact Disc Player to do well in any system where it is located


Integrated Amplifier

It is a product that for size, used materials and elegance is a unique product, it provides circuital solutions with no compromises and features capable to satisfy advanced users’ demands The Audio Analogue R&D office has not only targeted specific electric performances but has also turned the integrated amplifier sonic performances to match the Vela CD Player .



The name, the history and the knowhow of AUDIO ANALOGUE and AIRTECH find in Vela products the highest expression of value for money concept, thus creating a perfect means to enter the high-quality audio world for a reasonable cost


VELA is a trademark of AF Group Srl - VAT number 03352850139 - e-mail:

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