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Integrated Amplifier

It is a product that for size, used materials and elegance is a unique product, it provides circuital solutions with no compromises and features capable to satisfy advanced users’ demands The Audio Analogue R&D office has not only targeted specific electric performances but has also turned the integrated amplifier sonic performances to match the Vela CD Player .


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• Toroidal transformer analog power supply with 2 separated lines:
  - Power amplifier supply.
  - All Preamp section power supply.
• Separated charge reserve capacitors for each channel
• Low noise solid state input selectors.
• Integrated-resistance network volume controls with no buffer for maximum sound transparency. 
• Low distortion Low noise pre amp section.
• Low IMD, high slew rate, power amplifier stages.
• Calibrated and integrated electronic protection for electric overloads and overheating to minimize sound distortion.
• It has 2 Line Inputs and a frontal input to be connected to a MP3 Player Line Output, such as an iPod.
• Phono MM Input. 
• REC OUT Output.
• PRE OUT Output that can be used to drive an active sub woofer. 
• Phones Output.
• The LINE Input AUX2 can be configured in By-Pass mode to easily place the VELA Integrated Amplifie in an audio video system, in such a configuration the VELA Integrated Amplifie can drive the front loudspeaker, which can easily be shared between the Stereo-System and the Audio/Video-System increasing also the overall Audio/Video audio quality.
• Possibility to choose the volume scale steps to match the loudspeakers’ sensibility. 4 different scales are available, 3 of which have been designed for different loudspeaker sensitivity and the last with 79 steps, 1dB each, for the most precise scale of all, if required.
• Balance function. 
 The inner power cables from the board to the loudspeakers connectors are  OCC 7N cryo copper  AIRTECH  type.




Dimensions (Nota1) 

3,2 x 17 x 13,0 “ 


16,50 Lbs 

Line Gain 

6 dB 

Power Amp Gain 

27 dB 

Line input impedance 

40 KOhm 

Frequency response (Nota2) 

150 KHz 

Noise Level (Nota5) 

< -100 dBV 

SNR (Nota3) 

> 100 dB 

Output power on 8Ohm load (Nota4) 

50W @ 0.08% THD + N 

Output Power on 4Ohm load (Nota4) 

75W @ 0.1% THD + N 


3 Unbalanced Inputs + 1 Frontal Input + 1 Phono MM Input 


REC Output + PRE Output + Phone Output



Nota 1   - Height x Width x Depth (H x W x D)
Nota 2   - Attenuation 0dB, -3dB Band
Nota 3   - Attenuation: 0dB A weighted reffered to 8 Ohm load nominal power
Nota 4   - 1KHz input signal, two piloted channels
Nota 5   - Band limits 0Hz-40KHz



Owner's Manual

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